For Solo Instrument

Malphas (2015) for Viola Solo

Codex Tenebrarum (2015) for Piano Solo

Death of the Hekatonkhire (2013) for Harp Solo

NO ASYLUM (2013) for Cello Solo


For Chamber Ensemble (2-10 Players)

Fantasy on Souvent Souspire (2019) for Violin, Cello, Clarinet, and Piano

D’Auseil Codex (2018) for Two Pianos tuned in Quarter-Tones

Mockery Pursuit (2018) for Violin and Cello

Incidental Music for Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2017) for Flute, Clarinet, Harp, Percussion, and String Quartet

Sonata for Horn and Piano (2016)

Two Pieces for String Quartet (2016)

Variations (2015) for Alto Flute and Piano

Idafect II (2015) for Wind Quintet

Hollow Elegies (2014) for Flute, Viola, Guitar, and Marimba

Idafect I (2014) for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano, and Percussion

The Village On Stilts (2013) for String Quartet

Two Ancient Monuments (2013) for Flute, Clarinet, and Piano


For Voice or Chorus

Two Live Burials (from An Theyr Tomysson Lais) (2020) for Soprano and Mixed Renaissance Consort, Poetry by April Amante

Lawrence Songs (2015) for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano, Poetry by D.H. Lawrence

Inevitable Farewell (2013) for SSAA Chorus and Orchestra, Poetry by D.H. Lawrence

Despair (2012) for Voice and Percussion, Poetry by H.P. Lovecraft


For Large Ensemble, Orchestra or Concerti

Leanan SĂ­dhe (2015) for Bassoon and Ensemble (Flute, Clarinet, Horn, Harpsichord, Percussion, and String Quintet)

Ukobach (2014) for Large Orchestra (2+picc,2,,2; 4,3,3,1; Timp, 2 Percussion, Harp, Piano, Strings)

Hark of the Merrows (2014) for Brass Choir and Percusssion (4,3,3,1; Timp, 2 Percussion)

Tartarus Suite (2014) for Chamber Orchestra, arranged from the unfinished chamber opera The Damnation of Orpheus (1,1,1,1; 1,2,1,1; Harp, Percussion, Strings)

Viola Concerto (2013) for Viola and Chamber Orchestra (2(picc),1,2(,1; 2,2,1,1; Timp, 2 Percussion, Viola Solo, Strings)