About Me

Matthew Owensby is a violinist, violist, and composer specializing in microtonality and historically-informed performance. Much of his compositional output merges elements of Medieval and Renaissance dance music with quarter-tonality and extended just intonation, including a just-intoned elaboration of “La Quatre Estampie Roial” in Hark of the Merrows (2014) for brass choir, the quarter-tonal Idafect II (2015) for wind quintet which incorporates a forceful presentation of plainchant, and development of motivic material from “Lamento di Tristano” in the chamber concerto for bassoon and ensemble, Leanan Sídhe (2016).

His solo viola work, Malphas (2015), is a study on realized Medieval dance melodies and has been performed in a masterclass with Caroline Shaw and subsequently at the Hot Air New Music Festival and the SFCM Viola Project all in 2015. Matthew is currently working on a new composition for voice, flute, viola, and harp on early Naturalist poems by H.P. Lovecraft, and a set of troubadour songs for voice and mixed Renaissance consort.